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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Giant Blow Fly ~ Part 3

Another round of painting on the Giant blow Fly. I have begun to appreciate the appearance of the model even more as the legs are now 1/2 on. Its going to be a beast beside some of the smaller models in my collection. The model has also got me thinking about a suitable base. I'm leaning towards a corpse laden battle field to work with the description found on the Zealot miniatures website. I was also thinking that they need to put together a set of legs as a kit for the fly to allow you to field it in a flying pose.
Anyway...the blow fly:

Skin. Three steps on each side.1) Midlund Flesh. 2) Purple wash. 3) Reapply Midlund Flesh on raised areas. 4) Midlund Flesh and white for final highlight.

Carapace areas. A dark grey (Model color basalt Grey). Edges have Light grey (Model Color Light Grey). I tried to pull the light grey along any raised edges. Made up a few raised edges too, just to maintain a uniform edge.
Badab Black wash was then applied on all the carapace areas.

One of my favorites, (Model Color Smoke) was then applied in deep cracks and under plates to give the appearance of shadows.
Found these Fly eyes for inspiration online.
Started with a base of yellow for the eyes.
Added a red wash. The last 2 pictures have had double red washes applied to the eyes, as well as smoke and black added along the bottom for shadow (Like in the model picture)
 The right side legs have been glued on. The had been primed and painted grey.
 Lastly, legs have received their highlight and the wash. Things are starting to come together! Next will be the last set of legs, which I am debating painting completely before gluing them on, as well as the face area. You will also notice that the stomach area has had a little bit of red wash applied in places as I wanted it to make look like the stomach was distended and the skin irritated.

Cheers, B

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Giant Blow Fly ~ Part 2

Zealot - Giant blow fly
Arrived in the mail. In great condition! (got 2 of them!)
Grey primer and a layer of P3 Midlund Flesh
 A closer look at the legs
 Leviathan Purple wash on the flesh
Highlighting with Midlund Flesh
 Added highlight of Midlund mixed with white. 2:1 ratio

Friday, August 30, 2013

Zealot - Giant Bloat Fly

My hobby vacation has begun to slowly wind down the last few months. I had been painting my Nurgle army prior to my leave, and wished beyond all hope that there were some nurgle flies to become part of my force. So I started to hunt the inter-web in order to find a company that either already made model flies, or would be willing to take it on as a project.
This brings me to ZEALOT MINIATURES. I started by sending my idea to the miniatures company and was promptly answered. They thought my idea was a good one and Lo and behold, several months later, the GIANT BLOAT FLY has come to be! 

Anyway...I ordered a few of these cute little fellas and will be painting them up shortly. I wanted to also let everyone know of the quality of the models that I received in the mail. Firstly, they were mailed to me in a quick manner and took very little time to arrive. The shipping was also in good shape when it arrived. So far so good! The models are nothing short of awesome quality! Unlike the Failcast models that I have struggled with over the years, these resin models were in fantastic shape and required very little clean up. The details are very crisp and there are virtually no mold lines to scrape away which would destroy some of the great details.

I will keeping a log of my progress with this model.
Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tick Tock, time has passed me by

What a horribly long absense, and I am sure my post here is just a short return. Work has been wonderfully chaotic as I have gone through some major changes including location and new work team.
My little girl is now a very busy 15 month old and as soon as I get home from work, thats where my attention goes. Of course a person does not want to ignore their better half either, and so as soon as little person is in bed, some time is spent with the wife. Then you suddenly realize there isnt much time left to your evening.
The small amount of hobby time I have managed to squeeze in between life, a new Ipad, friends etc has netted me a couple of things though...

1) I have managed to paint a bit more for my small nurgle demon force. I will be creating a painting guide for them as soon as I have the oppertunity. I have several demons waiting for a spary of primer and these will make perfect candidates for a step by step photo shoot.

2) The release of 40K had me brush some dust off old figures. I was pretty excited (less so now after reading the chaos codex) and wanted to see what I had in the shelves. Turns out I had alot! Almost 160 unassembled Imperial Guard models and a fair bit of chaos marines.
I decided fairly early on that I would revist chaos by getting my guard ready to visit the dark side and the perfect compliment would be a force of Alpha Legion space marines. Models were prepped and painting guides were downloaded, and I did a test model. I will post some pictures of the model, but as it didnt look like the step by step of the guide for some reason, I became a bit less enthusiastic.
As soon as my enthusiasm withered in that direction, I rediscovered some of my old half painted Plague marines. I repainted some of them in browns and not my typical green. I like them and they might prove to be the motivation I need to keep plugging away at this time.

Anyway, less chatter and a few pictures...

Alpha Legion WIP

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rot and nuts

Still plugging away at the rot, and now I am going nuts with work going into full swing once again.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plague Bearers x5

The first 5 Plague Bearers are done. There are always things to touch up and things you realize you miss afterwards, but Ill get to them later. For now, enjoy and please feel free to critique/comment. Suggestions often lead to interesting discoveries in painting.
Unit Champion. It turned out a bit darker from all the washes applied to cover the liquid green stuff patches on the sides.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Almost there, almost there...

Plague bearer one is almost done...want to add some reds and purples to the mouth, and rust up the sword, but more or less done. Four seperate angles comming at you.