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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Varg and ZOgre

Varghulf base is done!! I had previously done the cork and broken statue but hadn't bothered to finish the rest of the base. That has been taken care of. I really like how he turned out, but I REALLY need to matt coat him because every time I touch him to move him I seem to rub some paint off from somewhere. Maybe he needs to be replaced with a resin version?

The Zombie Ogre didnt come out very clearly. This is too bad, because I really do love him. Please take careful note of his missing lower Jaw!! The extra pictures I included in this post also show the large cleaver you can just see over his left shoulder. OUCH!
The big difference between this one and the last is the first wash. Last one was a devlan wash, this guy started with a thraka green wash. I was pretty unhappy with how green he was at first, but he grows on you, the loveable lug!!

 I was looking at my undead Ogres and wondered if I shouldn't add more of them. I have one more that needs paint which would bump the zombie unit up to 70 some odd models. My brain also kicked around the idea of an entire Ogre Kingdom army of dead Ogres...but I really don't have the shelf space for such a project!! That sucks, because that would look great!


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