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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kamilla Von Strig

GW does not make very pretty women figures. Casting a man with boobs does not equate a female figure worth collecting and spending time painting, so instead I looked to a line of models that understands how to make these kinds of models right...Malifaux. I have removed the hammer head and replaced it with a scythe blade...apart from that and the base she is pretty much straight from the box.
I first converted the model several years ago to be the Vampiress to a Mordheim undead warband, and just recently finished her off. She will be one of the Vampire characters to my army. Too bad GW stores and tournaments dont like you to use these kinds of models. THANK GOD for the fact that I prefer informal gaming in the basement with friends or my non GW game store.
Anyway, ramble is done, enjoy.


  1. Cool conversion and a great paint job, too! I agree Wyrd does a much better job conveying femininity with their minis than GW.

  2. Thanks Papa JJ! Yea, and their game isn't too bad either!

  3. 100% agree, GW should be ashamed of the quality of their female models. Its a shame too, with so much potential.

    Great painting, keep it up!

  4. Thanks Cornu Mortem! Incentive always appreciated!