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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Break

Time flies when you’re in a coma. It also seems to pass by VERY quickly when you are trying to be a dad for the first time. My daughter is now 6 months old, which means according to the last post, it has been 4 months since I last posted!! SORRY to anyone who followed the blog!! I have been learning to balance the work component and the home component, while all the time adjusting to a baby’s ever changing schedule and of course, distractions, like new DVD’s, the computer games Star Wars online and Skyrim!! Did I mention computer games? I recommend Skyrim by the way, awesome game!

As for the actual hobby going on in my life, I am still managing the odd undead model, in my attempt to enlarge the shambling horde that I envision. Skeletons and zombies for the most part, with a few ghouls to liven the party! Also, I am going to use this time to voice my displeasure with gamesworkshop. Sadly, while I love their models, I do not love the customer service I have had the “pleasure” of experiencing recently.

My wife gave me a Whitedwarf subscription for my birthday and the earliest my magazine arrives is normally around the 20th of each month. I can go into any of the stores and see the magazine on the shelves for weeks before I will get my copy. I was frustrated, and called the service number; spoke to local managers etc, all to no avail. It looks like I will continue to get my copy of the magazine at least 2 to 3 weeks late until my subscription ends. I will NOT be renewing it.

Secondly, I have a beef with the “industry altering finecast” models. Of course they were the first to ever come out with the idea of resin models weren’t they?? Oh wait… even MY horrible attempts at resin came before GW’s. So anyway, my friend got me a model for Christmas, which was warped and twisted, and not being one to want to go to the lengths it would take to repair the model, went to a local GW and asked to exchange it for one without the twisting. “No, there is no actual defect; you can repair the model yourself.” I don’t think I am asking too much, but if that’s the curt reply I get to basic customer service, then my putting the boxes of new models back on the shelves and exercising my right to support a different store is my answer.

Besides my obvious peevedness, I do have some models to look at. Not a lot mind you, but I do have a few!!

Cheers, Bard


  1. Nice to see you posting again, and congratulations! Hope all is well with your "six-month miniature" ;>

    No fan of finecast myself, and I'm shocked to read the response you got. They've truly been shitting down their own leg (Norwegian expression..) with that product.

    Like the style of your undead, keep 'em coming, baby and work willing!

  2. Thanks Noeste! Good to hear from you again...you disapeared for a while there too! I am both sad and happy to hear that I am not alone in my finecast feelings. Also, keep up the great work on your blog too, love the new stuff, especially the chaos sorcerer!!