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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Almost there, almost there...

Plague bearer one is almost done...want to add some reds and purples to the mouth, and rust up the sword, but more or less done. Four seperate angles comming at you.


  1. He's looking nice and sickly there dude, nice work. The pustules and boils stand out really well. The only negative thing I have to say is from the side, the join of the body parts is too obvious. It really needs GS over it to hide the join.

  2. Kuff, thanks for the look, and thank you for the compliments on the painting. I agree though, the seems are very obvious...on ALL of them. I think on the next batch I might liquid greenstuff the seems. I had hoped that primer plus paint might mask it a bit more.
    Can you picture an entire force painted in these colours lined up on the table across from you...or should I change up the colours a bit on some of them?

  3. I would definitely suggest some greenstuff on the seems, just to hide it.

    I could see it, but variation works well with nurgle. I can't imagine them all being perfectly coloured.

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    1. I like it, the scheme is a little bright for my taste, but it's a lovely job all the same, though I agree with Kuffeh about the seams. The base colours works fantastically well set against that of the plaguebearer. Love that. I would vary the skin tone slightly amongst the unit.