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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camera is back!

The Camera is back, and with it the chance to take some pictures of the trouble Ive been getting into. First a couple shots of the plague furnace I have been working on...a little here and there, but good progress overall. The censor has the fumes done with multiple washes, as I felt the dark cloudy nastiness call to me as I painted.
Second 2 shots are of a commision I have been working on. They are of the new Collette band for Malifaux. Georgeous models with lots of details. I got this model finished to see if thats what the owner of the model wanted. A thumbs up means go ahead and get them done! Requests will have the models looking like some comic characters.
Please enjoy! Comments are very welcome!

Nasty smokey death! Go Skaven!



  1. I really like the green smoke you've done, it looks rather smoggy. Great work.

  2. Thanks Kuffeh! I debated between the more common green to white smoke, but in the end felt that smoke from burning warpstone wouldn't be nice and white.