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Monday, September 6, 2010


WIP plastic Swordmasters

As you can see...these aren't Pheonix Guard. Nor are they the original color choices I had made. I picked up my IOB box the other day, put together these beauties and started painting. But as soon as I started using the old color choices I was very disapointed. So I tried these instead. White base is space wolves grey, skull white highlight. Blue is Vallejo light turquoise, highlight same with skull white mix 1:1 ratio. Metalics are all mithril silver (GW) with a (GW) dev mud wash. Gems will all be a bright red. Gold is Vallejo, brown washed and will have a highlight of bright gold. Skin is GW elf flesh, white highlights on cheeks/nose etc and then an Ogryn flesh wash. That looks good on the unit champ, though I am less satisfied with it on the others. The new banners are georgeous, and I will include a close up once the unit is more done. I have some bases ordered, so these will remain WIP until they come in, are recast with some mods I want and then painted. The unit will be 24-32, or maybe three ranks of 9?

Now as you can imagine, this really bugged me, because there I had 5 pheonix guard with the old color choice staring at me from my desk. Well, they have all been redone. Yes I like the colors better to the point that I repainted a few elves. I also redid all the blues on my lion chariot. He is still a WIP with the bone white of the chariot still to be done. No other new units are being started though as my primer of choice (army painter black) is having trouble getting into Canada and I refuse to buy the GW black (thick tar in a can).

More soon,


  1. For once bard...do something less than perfect will you? you make us all look bad!

    Awesome paint job can't wait to see the Skaven!


  2. Thank you for the kind words! They are fantastic models, and they make painting models to a good standard very easy. I saw today the new dragon princes, white Lions, and pheonix guard plastic models that are coming out in October. They kick A$$! I officially have stoped collecting the old metal pheonix guard!

  3. where are your Malifaux models? I know you will do an awesome job on them too.


  4. I will try to get some of those up in the near future! I am about to start a project on Collette(sp?)for someone at the local gaming store and will post pictures of them and some already finished models.
    Cheers, Bard