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Friday, May 18, 2012

Wight King WIP

I have been working on a character model for the Vampire Counts army in my spare time this week. (when I am not playing Diablo 3)
 I am going for an eventual "earth tone" look. Things are still in the early stages and are bright and clean...that will change.
Check out the progress.

Thoughts, critiques?


  1. That is a nice big base he has there. Gonna make him hard to rank up though. :P What did you use for the tuffs of grass? As to the king himself, so far he looks pretty good from what I can see.

  2. Kuffeh, the base is a piece of "ornamental" bark from a neighbors garden. I wanted to have a display for the base. The grases are all "army painter" products. There are two of the Battlefield tufts being used, highlands and winter. I had also contemplated adding a "frosted" effect to show where the king had been, but have decided against it for this one. I will post more later once I start to add more detail besides basic colors.