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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Browns vs Greens

I tried two different colour schemes on the Wight king's collar piece. I started off with a khaki faded to white followed by a camo green faded to white edges. I think the green offers more contrast with the skull AND gives that clasic paiting useage of three spots of interest for balance.
I'll let you be the judge though.

 Weathering powders have been added to the skirt and the cloak. The colours look a bit different, but that is mainly due to the quality of the light. The first two pictures were taken outside on a glorious day. Sadly the rain and gloom have hampered a similar shot of the current state of the Wight King.


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  1. Absolutely stunning work and I've got to say the green works best for me. Isn't the collar attached to the cloak? If it is the that might strengthen the argument for green.