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Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to our own bed!

Trip down to the cochon deign
I loved our holiday, but like the title says, man its good to sleep in your own bed! We had a great time in Quebec. We spent most of our time in Vieux Quebec, which is the tourist area. Its basically where the fort was and towards the old city at the docks. One fun little road trip was to the Fireworks competition called "les grand feux", which was fantastic and very well done, with bleacher seating and great views. We had a great time exploring and eating at some of the wonderful resteraunts! Our favorite was "le petit cochon deign" (little bronze pig) where we got mouth watering pasteries to go with our coffee. O and do try the maple sugar pie if you are ever in Quebec, man was that good! All in all, good job Quebec, you made my wife and I feel welcome, and I would recomend a trip there to anyone!
Fireworks in Quebec
We then rented a car and drove down to the United States. We drove through Vermont and New Hampshire and ended up at my cousins. WOW. Just wow, I had no idea how beautiful it is there. The green of the trees was overwhelming. I loved driving down the interstate and being told I was going through a city but not seeing it because of the number of trees and the massive amount of greenery! I got to go fishing, eat at good resteraunts and generaly had a relaxing and very enjoyable time. I would recomend a trip there to anyone! Again, a congrats to those two states for their hospitality.

cheers, Brad

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