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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elf Progress

Not a huge amount of progress, but cleaning models is never fast. Especially when you aren't dedicating a lot of time to it. Less than a week to go before I am officially back to work. Ive been back, and my room is a mess. Computers on floor, piles of stuff everywhere, books especially everywhere. I don't know where to start on the cleanup project there to be honest. With models, however, its best to start by getting them ready for paint, and so I have a picture that shows what I have and the paint choices I will be using. Privateer Press paints are my chosen color palette. I don't use them much, but they are easy to use and look good. The elves are typically painted blues and whites. I dont want the usual. So the colors Ive chosen are slightly off the norm. A friend of mine is starting an elf army and has chosen red as his complimentary color. Doh, thats what I had originally thought of too!
15 phoenix guard, a lion chariot and some paint
Let me know what you think of my innitial plans / thoughts!

Potential High Elf bases?
I havent written much either for my story arc, but I have written a few introduction pieces, including one that is short but I like it.

Cheers, Bard

Wandyr of Baal
Wandyr glanced over at the little kobold crouched beside him. It was looking up at him intently and he knew it was waiting for instructions. His eyes went back to where the target hid amongst the boulders and scrub, and then his hands took over. When he was done the kobold nodded and in turn used his own hands to communicate with the Kobolds sitting patiently on their gecko like mounts. They quickly rode off, flanking the position within moments.

The small kobold beside Wandyr then stepped forward and yipped in halting common “You will come out now” he paused expectantly. No answer was forthcoming. He cleared his throat and continued “Come out, we will not kill if do”. There was still no response, and he looked back at Wandyr and shrugged.

Wandyr hated the orders that had come directly from the Temple. Capture and enslave before killing. He sighed. “My friend is right. Surrender yourself now and work for your freedom as a member of the Baal or die and adorn a pike here and now!” He finished in a louder yet emotionless manner.

The humanoid creature they had been chasing stood up slowly. His arms were held outwards and his hands were empty showing his resolve not to die. His eyes were wide and the whites showed clearly.

Wandyr sighed again, his hopes for bloodshed dashed yet again. The third one captured this week. He reached back to his horse, pulled a set of irons from a padded sack and tossed them to the small Kobold at his side. “Ko’gath, secure him and bring him back to the camp. No bread or water till tonight” The small Kobold called Ko’gath nodded and scuttled forward with the irons ready.

Wandyr of Baal mounted his red eyed mount and used his legs to turn the horse back towards the camp while he hung a shield more comfortable across his saddle horn. Once the land they had chosen was secured they would ride to war and their enemies would feel the ground tremble under their feet. He smiled at the thought and kicked his horse into a gallop, enjoying the feeling of fresh air across his face. It was good to be free!

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