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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Musician and champion

I have finished a new musician and champion for the fourty strong spear clanrat unit. I have to complete the bases yet, but apart from that they are more or less done. I also have a picture of additional and upcomming rats for the horde.
P.s. Does anyone have any idea of what the clan should be called?



New Toys
Cheers, Bard


  1. Sweet !!! like the colors and the rust.
    A lots new toys ;-)) have fun with them !

  2. Lovely work on these two, Bard. The rusted metal bits looks very nice. Now for that clan name... hmm, how about "Clan Itchy."

  3. How about clan "black blarg" and hurry up and get the abomination done I want to see it all put together in it's glory:) well after you finish the White speaker that is.

  4. Some suggestions on names for your clan...

    Words in Elvish

    1.Darkness: Fuin
    2.Doom: Amarth
    3.Dusk: Moth/Lómë
    4.Death: Gurth
    5.Rat: Nâr

    Take care,

    P.S. I thought for a moment one of the rats had an English accent...Just thought you should know...:)

  5. Hey...
    These guys might look into plundering a dwarf stronghold... cause has anyone told them that their armour is RUSTY!?

    Nice job!

  6. Thanks guys!
    @Marcin: I will have fun! I just need to find the time.
    @Papa JJ: I will have to watch out for clan scratchy then!
    @James: The blargh huh? Yea yea, white speaker will get done, I just need some time to paint right now!!
    @Harder: EEEee, who would be more insulted the elves or the rats? I do like the look of the word Nar though!
    @Seb: I might make my stormvermin less rusty...not a lot less, but a bit!