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Friday, January 7, 2011

Unit Reinforcements

Wow. Computers. Are. Awesome. My Computer has been having issues lately, and I was able to get most of the issues fixed. Fingers crossed, it stays in working order.
I have been busy. I made 3 new movement trays, and assembled around 30 more skaven clanrats. Why? Because I have decided to seperate the mixture of hand weapons and the spears. I now have assembled 40 spears with sheild and 40 hand weapon and sheild. These will be alongside the 40 plague monks that escort my plague furnace (they are still being worked on steadily). I have also decided to put together a unit of 20 night runners as they will allow me to purchase the new warp-grinder...without guilt!! I will also assemble my 30 stormvermin in the near future (split one of the two boxes with a friend).
The night runner unit has an empty base, ready for some kind of inspired champion that I put together. The base will hopefully help people tell him apart.
Tomorrow, I get me the new White Dwarf, and on the 15th, the new Abomb, warp-grinder and maybe a character or two!
Seperated units, ready for reinforcements (in display cabinet)
Hand weapons
Night Runners
Second picture of Night runners
Cheers, Bard


  1. That is a lot of fur. =/ Where's my Flame Cannon....? -__^

    This all looks good, and sounds like you have a good plan. The night runners look cool, however from the picture (in their unpainted form) they look a lot like plain old clanrats.

    I look forward to seeing more painting!

  2. Yes, they do look alot like plain ol' clanrats! But I will hopefully get a few of them with a second handwepon of the pointy variety and am going to branch out for the painting. Black clothing! Yes thats right, no cloth like the rest of my army.
    Anyway, I hope that the simple use of colour will be enough to make them stand out as night runners.