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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still lost in the woods

Well, my computer is running, but now it looks like my computer needs a new power source...Crash, Crash, Crash!! Add to this the fact that I have just replaced my hard-drive, so have had to reinstall everything. Guess what I discovered, I have to buy a new program of WORD, and get a photo suite up and running toute-suite indeed!!
I have however been painting. I have managed to knock off another TEN regular clan-rats. The catapult has a lot more paint done on it, but there is still a ways to go. (those crew are frustrating-paint them outside the machine if you have the chance) And lastly I have been painting a friends model in exchange for his kindness in helping fix the plumming of our house.
More soon, and way more when the computer is 100%!!

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  1. Sucks about the PC dude, but at least you know what is wrong with it. That said, deserves yourself right for trying to run it off of warpstone. Silly rat. -__^ :P