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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

still stumbling right along

OK. The video card crashed again and again. We assumed it was the power supply, so that was upgradded. Turns out the new video card was just a dud. I returned it tonight and got a new one. Will have it installed by thursday.
In the meantime, I managed to get even more paint on a BSB, and he is almost done. I also finished the KINGDOM DEATH model my friend asked me to paint for him in return for fixing the bathroom sink. I also got a few more clanrats done, and finished even more rats that had unfinished bases.
On a side note, I am curious about the new orc and goblin army book. The last few books have been some of the worst written rule books I have had the misfortune of reading in some time. I would have assumed that a company that releases this kind of material would have at least play tested the books and edited their work?? There are some cool looking new models for the army, but I have to wonder...are we in store for another FAQ book? When the FAQ is almost as big as the book, a person has to wonder...but maybe thats why this new book is supposedly way!! bigger. Makes the FAQ to released book pages average much better!
MARCH 5th for all this new stuff.
...would going back to my orcs and goblins be a good idea when there are so many unfinished rats on my desk?



  1. Yes. Yes, Brad, that would be an excellent idea!

    *(note sarcasm)*

    In all honesty, I think it depends a bit on whether you just want to have a nice painted army you can go out and play with (which would be my motivation) or just like to collect stuff and enjoy painting it for the fun of it (which I think would be more you?)


  2. hahahahahaha, you would surprise seeing that the spanish FAQ has usually, at least twice the content that the original FAQ has. That's why here in Chile, lots of players buy their books in english (maelstromgames and its free-worldwide-shipping is the other reason xD)

    See ya!

  3. Dear Bradlie,

    It depends on what you want to do. If you want to savor the hordes of rats which can easily be saved for a rainy day go for it. Since you have a plentiful amount of them, I see no reason to switch back and forth between the two, goblins/rats.....it would be nice to see some green skin again though...
    Speaking of goblins...check out, if you haven't already seen it, the new goblin Arachnarok....and Skaven Hell pit abomination...both wicked!


    *Your first name in a more appropriate, feminine form. :D