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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Claptrap catapult update

Nothing out of this world, but there is paint on the catapult, and I figured an update was in order.

Cheers, Bard


  1. That stuff on the end of the claw looks like Nurgle's toilet after a night out on the lash/curry. =P

    Looking good so far dude. I like how vile the pile of whatever it is... looks.

  2. The claptrap ammo looks pretty nurglish! It's looking great ;D

    Regarding the base, what's it's size?? Is that the base that comes with the kit? (I'm asking because it looks like a 100x100mm base, and would be cool for my Hellcannon!)


  3. Gross! The color of the wood looks particularly rotten... I imagine it would be moist and squish a little under the crewrat's feet.

  4. haha, I LOVE it! I am soo glad that the crap-tastic ammunition is looking so 'good'!! Curry!! That made me laugh!
    Nesbet, the base is a standard chariot base...100mm x 50mm.
    PapaJJ, awesome, I have spent some time trying to make the wood look rotten and not just old, so that works for me.

    Thanks guys!