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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Copy Cat Killer

He needs his base cleaned up, and a spot or two I see on the camera pictures. One more to go!

Tale of ___ gamers note:
Army choice: Leaning towards High Elves. My wife game me models for the first time this past Christmas, and I need to paint some of these presents!
Painting Plan: Month 1: 18 Lothern Seaguard, inc. full command for 259 points. Bonus: Mage all from the isle of blood box.
Month 2: 8 Dragon Princes, Full command for 290 points. Bonus: 2 objective markers that look like way-stones.
Month 3: 12 reavers, Musician and champ for 266 points. Bonus: 1 Bolt thrower.
Month 4: either 15 Sword masters or Pheonix Guard, full command for 255 points. Bonus: Eagle or Prince on Griffon.
Add this to the 10 sword masters I already have mostly done and the chariot I have started, I have a decent High Elf force in under half a year!
I suppose the other option is to start a TombKing army and paint nothing but their new monster each and every month. I am sure that would go over reeeeaaaal good. yea.

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