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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tale of Gamers (#2)

My commision is done, models have been sealed and are packed and ready to be picked up. Now onto something different! A Tale of gamers!
My local hobby store has many painters looking for incentive, like myself, and so this has come about. So far we have Empire, Tomb Kings, Daemons, Dark Elves (x2), Dwarves, High Elves (x2) and a Skaven. I challenge any readers to join the challenge too!

My challenge begins as follows:
Step one: Choose an army
High Elves it is! I have lots of models and not only almost nothing painted, but whats painted is incomplete. I have lots of the island of blood models too. As you can see in the first picture, I have started to clean and prep my Lothern Seaguard.

 Step Two: Paint scheme: I am going to stick with my current blues and whites, with yellows for lions and red for gems. The one thing I have changed, is my normal bases. I painted this large one up to use on my half painted lion chariot. It is also agood way for me to see if I like the colours.
Isn't it funny what inspires a person though? I was looking at the new Tomb Kings book and found inspiration! Page 94 has a Tomb King mural that shows them and the High Elves standing side by side fighting off deamons. Thats what has my Elf Army fighting in a barren landscape.

 This Sword Master (unfinished) has been added to the smaller version of the arid base. The regualr troops will not have the added height of the cork stone that this one does.

Step Three: Troops: Lots of the Island of Blood models available to me, so I will include them in my painting goals. These include...
-30 Lothern Seaguard. Plan is to paint 20 to meet the goal for the first month of painting and use the last ten as point fillers if I need them in the other months.
-20 Pheonix Guardians. Putting them together has been...interesting. They are fairly complicated, especially after putting together so many skaven.
-10 Sword masters that can act as point filler. I have 10 that I can't use as they already have some paint on them, but would like to finish this challenge with a full unit of 20 done.
-10-15 Reavers. They may not be the best troops as light cav anymore, but they are great looking models and I would like to have them painted. At least 10 of them.
-10 Dragon Princes. A christmas gift and one of the best looking units in this army. WIN WIN!!
-A bolt thrower, a mage model (from Isle of Blood or the Avatars of War version...or Both!) A second chariot-Tiranoc this time. Unsure what to make for objective markers, but have my brain giving me ideas for terrain...hmmm we shall have to see how much steam I can maintain.

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  1. Very nice mate and that basing is fantastic