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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome back Carter

Heeesss Baaack! I think I needed a hobby break. So I took one and feel refreshed and ready to go again! Just in time to start painting my models for a Tale of Gamers. Our local gaming group is up to almost 15 people ready to paint their little hearts out, myself among them.
While I have done virtually no painting since I completed the Malifaux commision, I have had the chance to put some models together and get myself ready for the contest in that way. I think I will need the time I took preping models, as "we" are expecting our first this July. So busy times are afoot!
 20 Lothern Seaguard. I need to paint 18 including command to meet my objective...the extra 2 are to get the unit up to size.
 My character model (lord/hero choice). I have three of these guys in a box, so I might as well paint at least one of them.
Next months unit. It will be ten models. They are light cavalry and so I wouldn't normally use command, but they can use it, and I have lots of the models, so I may as well put them together and paint them up!
 My converted standard bearer. I took the champion model from the Island of Blood box set and drilled out his hand to add a brass rod. I took off the helmet feathers to remove the champions look from him. The spear tip is from the Lothern Seaguard standard's tip, while the banner itself is a filled down Lothern Seaguard banner that has been shortened to get rid of most of the raised plastic dragon.

And here they are, primed and ready for tomorrow nights reveal at the gaming store!
Wish me luck!
cheers, Bard

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  1. Looking good dude. Do you have a colour scheme in mind?