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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Night one

Night One--The Non Sleeper

Thanks for the comment Kuffeh. I have a fairly "vanilla" or "traditional" color scheme with my highelves. Chainmail metalics, with a wash. Cloth is white, with a foundation of space wolf grey. The contrast color is turquois blue, which I love the look of. Lastly, red gems and gold as the secondary spots of color throughout. I recently bought a reaper paint 3 set of ocean blues, which I plan on using on the Lothern Seaguard sheilds, and IF it looks good, I might use it on my dragon princes too!

I ended up entertaining tonight...not alot of painting got done. I did get metalics done on three elves though. I also got an email with one of the fellow competitor's models. Some Ogres. I feel cheated! So many points in such a small number of guys!

Bard's High Elves

Allan's Ogres


  1. That scheme sounds quite cool. I am a fan of turquoise myself, I am looking forward to seeing them done.

  2. Sure, ogres is the easiest option, but then again, it's not about investing as little time as possible into this, but rather, getting our armies painted. And as both of us are painting High Elves, we should really count our blessings. Can you imagine 250 points of Skaven? That's a unit of 50 clanrats with full command!