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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Front 15

Better late than never! The last 5 and the character are almost done too. I have put together 8 more Sword-masters to go with the already half finished 10 I have. That will create a 6 wide unit of 18. If I can find some extra (non command group) Sea guard, I will increase that unit too. 6 Reavers, including a standard bearer are ready for paint too...I have not given up!
Without further ado... Here they are
The front 5, and friends

Second rank (aka next 5)

3d rank


  1. Really awesome work. A great looking HE army.

  2. Thanks guys! These positive comments keep me painting! I think the unit will look really good when the gems are done...amongst other small things. Is there anything that needs to change?