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Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm a Git

YES, thats right...I'm a GIT! Month one of my Tale of Painters has been failed. Too many things happening, and not enough time.
I am blaming my lack of success on:
1) Field trips. Over night field trips really make it tough to paint no?
2) Work. Need I say more? June is always the busiest month of the year...what was I thinking??
3) RIFT! Damn you awesome computer game! "Gee, I only have 30 minutes, maybe ill play some computer as thats not long enough to get any painting done..."
4) Family. New baby on the way, lots to get done in preperation.

OK, so month one didnt work out. But I am so close, I will get those 17 Seaguard done in the next week along with the mage and then get started on my next unit of Reavers. Hopefully I will be able to complete and catch up by the end of this coming month...even though my baby is expected this month... DAMN you Life, and the business you throw at me!

On a different tangent...whats up with this storm of magic? Has anyone played it? Is it a seperate game or just another GW "buy more stuff" gimmick? I really love some of the new monsterous mounts and stuff that are available because of it. I think I want to get the magical chaos pillar for a mage and customize one for a high Elf...or keep it chaossy for my ...chaos army?

More later,

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