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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

High Elf WIP

17 was the magic number. I have finished the 17 needed to fill my points total, along with a few extras to get me to 20. Ok, not completly finished, but as good as. Now I just need to find 10 more of these Lothern Seaguard and I will expand the unit to 30. That is proving difficult as no one I know has any they want to sell, give away or trade.
Then there is the High elf mage from the box set. He looks lovely, but oh so many details! That has become the bane of my catch-up time. I like the looks of him so far, but he is becoming painful to work on. The light colour scheme will allow me to field him with the lores I envision, and it will tie him into the army very well. I will try to get a close up of the smoke on a later post, I think it turned out pretty well.
Lastly my Reavers have started to receive some paint. I was very afraid of them before I started, but I call this guy, colour by numbers, as everything is very easy to pick out. I painted this up so far in a short time before bed last night. I think they will look great when done.

These three, bring the total to 18

This makes 20!
So much painful detail
what are they going to look like--Kinda


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