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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A finished Dragon Prince...errr Blood Knight

Ok he is done. I am not overly happy about how he looks up close (aka in photographs) but he looks ok in person. The Spray primer has been thrown away as it continued to spray little pebbles of paint on all proceeding tests I did in the backyard.
Next project will be either some grave guard or another bloodknight. I have already trimmed down a few chaos knight helms to fit the look. The leader of the unit will use the helm from the new zombie dragon kit.
I also would like to paint up another of my Dark-Age miniatures, as I wanted to get my war band done this summer.
On a personal note, my family and I just came back from a little holiday. We ended up driving for around 6 hours each way with an 11.5 month old. She was very good, but even so, needed to stop every 45 min to an hour or we didnt hear the end of it. She also experienced her first Zoo while on the trip, and loved the two big Grizzly bears! Stuffed toys come to life??
Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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