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Monday, July 30, 2012

Preparing the rot

Not sure why, but I am a bit jazzed for the new Nurgle Demons being released by GW later this month. I have a very modest number of the old plague bearers and have never been overly keen on collecting more of the static pose troopers. The new plastics however, have revived a desire to finish up an all Nurgle themed list.
My color test model

Plaguebearers of Nurgle
Games Workshops new Plastic Plague Bearers
I am considering a conservative start of 20. It will act as a nice break between undead (which I seem to be burning out on). It would also allow me the chance to play with my airbrush.
Now what else would I need to get a force of 1000 points up and off the ground pronto?



  1. That is a nice tone for the 'bearer. The green is stronger and looks more corrupted than the pale GW ones. I think an army done in your style would look great.

  2. Thanks Kuff,
    I think so too, and plan to put together 2 units of 20/25ish of them along with some of the other troops needed to make a legal all nurgle list.