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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

40 Down

40 Sword and Board done!
Putting together the next 50 spear and sheild (which no doubt will take a good year)
Putting together the next 35 ghouls.
Putting together 60 Mantic Zombies.
Finishing the first 3 Crypt Horrors.

WOW, lots of undead projects on the work table.
Nice and Dirty, marching off to war!

the next 50



  1. Nice! A finished unit of undead always makes me happy. That's going to me a pretty groovy looking army when you're done.

  2. They look great colourful but dark at the same time - like the way you planned out the basing by laying out the bases before assembly. Never thought of doing that before.

  3. Thanks guys! I have managed to keep a head of steam with this army, hopefully I can keep it up and get this army done!
    John, I don't normally plan a unit out like this, but I saw it done on a blog a long while ago, and figured I would try it out. Already I have rejigged them to use more 1x4 and less 2x2 bases.