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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ghoul King

I have been painting a Vampire "ghoul king" up for a friend. The model is fantastic apart from the fact that he topples easily. I am going to get some lead fishing weights and hammer them down to fit the inside of the base to steady the model.
Hope you like. (I like the claws alot!)

Bet you cant guess his army colors?? I wasn't sure the claws would be enough green to tie them in with my buddies army, so I added a green loin cloth. The eyes were impossible to pick out too. So the area got a leviathan purple wash.
Looking at he last picture, I think I will go back and pick out the bone spikes on the spine. They dont stand out enough. Strictly bone colour though...no green there.
I have since added some green flock to the base in areas, which looks OK. I think I will have to put together one of these models for myself some day. I am not sure how I would do the base differently though to avoid the toppling forward issue.


  1. Looks like you were spotted in your Sunday Best when you published this post. Hope you don't mind me throwing your shout out on my weekly theme top x. Thanks for sharing and here's to hoping you let us in on how you painted the skin this model.

  2. Cheers HOTpanda! I got a good chuckle off the Top X! I will most certainly put together a how to for the skin in the near future.

  3. cannot wait to see how you painted the skin and I'm glad you got a good laugh from my top x.

  4. HOTpanda! I will list the paints used here, and eventually put together a new paintguide with pictures. In the meantime however, here are the paints used.
    1) Army builder flesh primer
    2) Ogryn flesh wash (slightly watered down)
    3) Privateer Press Ryn Flesh highlights on muscles
    4) Selective areas given leviathan purple wash, and the two wounds on the chest given a bit of Baal red wash.
    5) Claws all started with bleached bone
    6) Claws given Tamyia clear green wash (heavily watered down)
    7) Claws given layers of badab black wash

    cheers, B

    1. Forgot to add this...
      3 A) Ryn flesh is watered down and added in very thin layers. Takes more time, but you can really control how much of the darker primer shows through this way.