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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Productive Weekend

I had a great weekend. Got some painting done and found out I hit HOTpanda's Chaos Manifesto top X list. Not sure about the boy singer comparison, but it sure had my wife and I laughing.
Here is a sampling of some of my projects from the weekend.
Dungeons and Dragons undead troll skeleton and a lost legion orc by GW.

More pictures and comments after the page break.

The shield is a beastman sheild. I wanted to add a bit of color to the whole, and it was either that or a plain shield with some dusty checkers.

Wolf #4...eyes, claws and foot pads left to finish.

Same as last wolf. He makes me think "old wolf" looking at him.

A ghast ready to join the crew.
 Lastly, my order of Mantic zombies arrived FINALLY!! along with a "Dark Vlad" by enigma. I also realized I might have to go and buy myself A LOT of devlan Mud wash before they cease to exsist. What were they thinking!!?!


  1. Wow... it's just great seeing the Lost Legion again! Anyhow... absolutely wonderful pictures, good to see you going at it again and re: Devlan Mud, IKR!

    1. Oh, and btw, it's the "Cursed Company" that's the undead guys. The Lost Legion was Pizarro's and I think he had the pikemen or something, but I'm too lazy to check :)

      I think it should be fun to make a Cursed Company for your Vampire Counts. Some HEs, some Skull pass dwarfs... you probably have to green stuff the skulls, but the bottom half can remain fairly straightforward?

      Anyhow, keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the replies Seb! I totally forgot it was the cursed company! Thank you! And no, no time to build the cursed company for myself!!! I realized as I was painting things though, that I gave away my company undead Dwarf to someone. I have two of the lizzards though, sadly they are my least favorite of the models.
    Cheers, B