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Saturday, November 20, 2010

I choose you Pikachu!

WTF!?! Pikachu? Well…no, but certainly its Ok if the Biggest of them all chooses his own name isn’t it? Life is once again more or less back to nErmal, with the reports done and submitted. Now it’s back to a normal life of painting and…comparing models?

Yes, the other day as I was going through some paper-work, I looked up and there were my three giants and I couldn’t help but compare the size and details of all of them. Personally I love the size of the large one in the back, the detail of the old metal fella and the…ummm, what do I like about the newer one? Well, it is mostly painted. It has more options, but let’s face it, he’s not all that and a cup of tea. Mmmmm Tea…. Anyway… anyone else need a tea and cookies?
If Pikachu stands up straight hed really be scary!!

Let me know your thoughts on these three very different giants.

Last but not least, here is the Collette model for the warband I am painting up. She still needs some cleaning up. I always dread the camera/picture completion check. Mistakes always show up on a picture.

cheers, Bard


  1. The old citadel giant will look good for an empire army but I don't think it could fit a chaotic one, or an OK army as well.

    The ultraforge giant... dunno, don't kinda like it. The texture of their skin looks just... wrong?
    Don't know, but it looks like a clay golem, if you understand xD

    In the other hand, the newest GW giant could not be that tall at all (lol) but it's for sure more proportionated than the other 2 (the UF giant head looks like an egg ¬¬) and has more options, and a great pose (what could be better than a rampaging giant? almost all giants stand just "there" like bank guards) and yours look superb. I liked his skin, how did you achieved it?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Nesbit! I agree, the old giant is great for an empire army, or even an orc/goblin one. The Ultraforge one, I just love the size of it, the skin stinks like you said though.
    As for the GW giant that is chaos themed, like all my chaos models, skin starts with
    P3-Midlund flesh after which I leviathen purple wash it. (for all skin in entire army) then I highlight midlund with progressive amounts of white.
    cheers, B

  3. wow collette looks great. All I have to say is that none of the giants really look that good to me. But the Ultraforge one just looks like it should be more of a statue then an actual playing model.

  4. I agree with Mortianius - none of the giants really appeal to me. I also agree in his assessment of the ultraforge one. While it might be the most giant-like, it is also the one that appeals to me least to have in an army. So I guess no giants in my army!!

    About Colette - isn't it just too bad you can't keep her!