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Friday, November 5, 2010

They aren't dead yet!

And neither am I for that matter. Just really busy. I did however have time to complete a fantastic Skaven plague monk unit filler. I AM sorry if you like horses. The one conversion I did on this base was the horses front leg. You will notice that it has been repositioned to make the pony look dead'er. 

Enjoy, Bard

Plague monks, front


another side

My friend Seb's awesome and finally finished wheel of DOOM!!!

Beside my wheel! DOH, this makes me want to paint a second one!!

Seb's awesome Rat Ogres! They like their little friends. Squeek, Squeek!!


  1. That unit filler looks awesome, great work. I do like the dead pony on there, although where is the one stood on it going? Another pony? -__^

    You friend has some great looking minis also, the Doomwheel looks great alongside your own. And just so you know... you need a second one. =P

  2. hehe I think he is going to try and find a nice quiet spot to nibble on his dead human treat... AND thats just mean!!! Another Doomwheel so SOON!?! The last one was painful enough on me!

  3. Oh yes, another! QUICK-QUICK! =P

  4. Thanks for the comments, Kuffeh.

    Although another doomwheel so soon!? I'll first crank out 50 more clan rats and we'll talk further cool models after that!

  5. There is always room for another Doomwheel, Furnace and Bell. -__^ Who needs clanrats? HA!

  6. What kind of Doomwheel should I try...If I try another? A plague riddled one? Something with conversions? Broken down with Dwarves running in the wheels?!? Now that would be funny!

  7. Black Bard - I'd like to see a plagued one. That be really cool. However, no dwarf would do it. Ever. Ever. EVAR!! =P

  8. That is too funny! Since dwarves sadly do not know how to run, I haven't seen a running dwarf miniature :(

    The model is pretty complex and there are not a whole bunch of spare parts. For my next one, I'll essentially use the different flag top and the different driver.

    It would not be unthinkable to set a rat ogre behind the little bellows at the back, though.
    I might even consider taking out the bellows altogether and finding a really cool mini to put there instead. Maybe a stormvermin with looming halberd poking at passerby's!