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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Malifaux Coryphee

I'm nearly done the Coryphee, and with them, done painting a friends models. It will be good to go back to painting my own models. And I am sure he will be happy to stomp me and anyone else that gets in his way with a fully painted warband.

For those of you that have yet to play or collect the models for the Malifaux gaming system, I strongly recommend that you look into it. The game is fast paced, small scale (meaning you don't need to invest a huge amount of $) and full of over the top characters. I use the word over the top in a good way though. When my friends and I started to play the game one of the comments that came out was "wow, your leader is broken!" "but so is mine!" Every single 'caster' brings a unique dimension to the game and is broken in a wonderfully fun and individual way. You never feel like you are going into a fight and are going to loose.

I started my collection with the Lilith war band. She is from a faction known as the neverborn. Think Demons and wonderful nastiness. Some of my favorites are the possessed dolls, etc. After I started to paint these I decided that it might be fun to try a different warband. So I went and got myself a starter of the Viktorias. They are from a faction known as the Outcasts. So much fun, and such pretty models.

Dancing girls? Arcanists faction
I really find my attention being jerked every which way by this game. The models are top notch. Game play is quick, and even a dunce like me can get a hang of the models after only a few games.

cheers, Bard
p.s. Thanks to those of you that have helped with my Movember cause. Still some time left!


  1. I am really enthusiastic about these coryphees. I especially like the yellow and the colour interaction. Also, great job on the bases! Now get back to painting your own warband!!

    I base-coated my Sonnia pack in preparation for facing your stupid Kirai one! :p

  2. He might have given up on Kirai now that he has Lord Chompy Bits.