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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Life? whats that?

I am still about a week away from work settling down. Its always hard not being able to paint and make models when you are in a groove. Work comes first though, gotta have the money to buy the toys! Speaking of toys, I have always enjoyed the Mordheim system for Games Workshop. When I first started I took a war-band a) no one else was playing and b) was chaos like in nature...I was big into my chaos army at the time. The main idea behind this warband as i painted it, was to be bright and bold, while showing the dirty rot so common to Nurgle. Uncle Tom, my leader, has a fantastic stomach and eyes that seem to follow you around. I also love the big fella's and their pants. Midge is a duplicate of Moe, with the top peak of her jesters hat cut off and some green stuff on her chest.
So while I may not have time to paint right now, I did find a few minutes to take some pictures. I hope everyone enjoys my Nurgle war-band, otherwise known as "Uncle Tom's Carnival".
Uncle Tom and his carnival

Eddie and Leroy!!!

Midge and Moe

Uncle Tom, himself!
Enjoy, BB


  1. There's something about a chaos carnival that is quite fantastic...

  2. Lovely! I always loved the Carnival of Chaos! It's so full of character and rotting artists! hehe

    Nice minis, specially liked the checked-trousers strongman! Have you some henchmen? You should definitely buy a Plague cart!! =D


  3. Thanks for the comments,both of you! I do indeed have all the henchmen and a cart! They just aren't as pretty, sitting there in all their bare metal splendor.

  4. Now I'm officially jealous. You have a complete Chaos Carnival!
    (not quite easy to buy direct only products from so far away ¬¬)

    Will definitely love to see the henchmen and cart painted. The Plague Cart it's such a beatiful miniature, don't you think? What could be better than spreading the plague with a cart that claims to entertai you? =P