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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something I HAVE to try!

Thanks to tarrym on Warseer for these fantastic ideas: Added bonus is a how to /w parts...which I will try in due time.
Cheers, Bard


Ratling Gun:
- 2 clanrats
- Ammo Carrier: Ammunition Casing. Have a good look around for these, there are plenty to chose from
- Weapon Body: Rat Ogre "Blunderbuss" Arm
- Weapon Nozzle: Terminator Assault cannon (I went for the Dark Angel Deathwing one, but any will work)

Warpfire Thrower:
- 2 clanrats
- Ammo Carrier: Corpse Cart Lantern
- Weapon Body: Ork Nobz Choppa. This makes up the back end of the weapon if you just take the "box" bit with the pipes and wires
- Weapon Nozzle: Ork Battlewagon Stokkbomb Pack. Use this as the nozzle for the flamethrower. You just need 1 of these to make 2 weapon teams.
- Weapon Nozzle: Flagellant Torch

 also need to add some detail with GreenStuff.


  1. They look great dude. Some nice simple conversions. The only thing I am unsure on is the ammo for the first ratling gun. It just looks too futuristic.

  2. Yea, I am unsure how a person would change that to fantasy it up. He had a tube made from guitar string that he used to connect them and has painted models now too.