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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ask and Ye shall receive!

Firstly, I want to update the status of the light box. It now has 4 lights. The main 100W from the top, 2 60W from each side, and a second 100W from the front. I like the clarity of the shots now, and the only thing I want to change is the length of the curved paper on the inside, as it ends too short and shows as a line in the pictures.

Next, as per the title, ask and ye shall receive!
These marauders are created using the regular marauder body, the marauder 2 handed wepon arm set up, but with the flail snipped off. Attached is a custom made choppy bit. I discovered one day by accident that the GW movement tray material was of the ideal thickness and iff cut into the proper size would work perfectly! I cut them into shape and then exacto knifed them till they were sufficiently beat up looking. All that I would need to do is greenstuff some metal attachments. So, I blobed some greenstuff on, wet finger smoothed it till it was equally thin and then trimmed the sides so it looked rectangular. I then took an empty push pencil and created small circles in the wet greenstuff to create the bolts, and done. Now I just have to attach them to the body and paint for the unit to continue to grow!
The unit looks pretty killer, but none of these marauders are 100% finished. The ones that are closer to done are the regular 2 handed wepon unit. These used the same flail arms and wepon shafts, but had some of the old chaos warrior weapons (axes, maces etc) attached to the end.
Hope these better pictures work! Now I need to get back to the painting area and get some more models ready for the gaming table.
Cheers, Bard

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