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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decisions, decisions


Here is a huge part of my inspiration. The website has really taken a tumble though, as most of the links no longer work. I love those giant 2 handed cleavers, they are a theme I can connect too. It makes me think that I would love to finish the large unit of Marauders, the Knights, and start a unit of warriors that are VERY converted. The ones I have now are pretty much all cookie cutter, with just differing shades of green. I can only imagine how cool a full unit of warriors wielding custom weapons, armored in custom green-stuffed armor, with big Bellies (get in ma Belly!! Baby back ribs) would look. The website http://www.chaosbutcher.com/ also has some awesome chariots, and I would desperately love to have a couple of those for my mortal force. I have a mount that I have been working on too that those critters inspired.

The Slug of DOOM!
Dilemma time though. I have been painting my Goblins this summer. It has been a goal of mine to get these done. I think I shall continue to plug away at them. The Chaos warriors shall have to wait until September. I like the idea of adding some Slannesh warriors eventually though, as I can only giggle at the image of my horrid green Nurgle forces charging side by side with some lovely pink armored warriors busy preening themselves in their mirrors.

The new rules require lots of soldiers in warhammer. It is a challenge to consider viable methods on countering the inevitable 50+ warrior tar-pits that will no doubt abound in this edition. I can hope that a thematic army like my guys will survive. I think that chariots, hellcannons, slightly larger units of knights, huge units of marauders and a sprinkling of other components will see them through.

Slug of Doom with a rider
Still undecided really. I think thats my Hobby A.D.D.

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