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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lizzies and Chaos, Oh my!

OK. Two lamps have been set up. I still have to get a third, but even with two it works pretty darn good. As per request, here are a few pictures of a couple of my previously seen Stegadon and some chaos.
I really like the shots I got of my Stegadon. The crew aren't finished, but the Steggy is. The base is OK, not as nice as the Micro Art studio one, but very servicable. I had decided to paint the big guy in mutted(sp?) colors, while all the smaller guys would be very bright and vibrant. I also like that the howda has a very rich feel to it without it being ALL gold.

Next up are a few of my chaos fellows. These didnt turn out as bright as I would have liked, but one more lamp and that problem should be solved. There are three different models. The first is a chaos lord/hero. He is painted up in the greens of nurgle. I love that faction. The best part is that you can make things look beautiful and yet hideous at the same time. I am most proud of his sheild. The cloak free hand isn't bad either, and very much inspired by Rackham.

The next two are of a marauder with a homemade 2 hander. Imagine a whole unit swinging these babies. Very much inspired by Mike Butcher and his Chaos Mortals that I could not afford! The second is a cool little model that I use as a forsaken. It is based of the 40k Kroot models and a long paperclip covered in greenstuff, with an eye from the spawn set. He makes me laugh, the poor guy.
Used as my unit champ.

Can you mind read?? He is asking someone to feed him.

Cheers, Bard

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  1. Hehe, that Forsaken is so cute! Love him.. it?

    Anyways, great work on the Hero and the Marauder, and the Stegadon is wonderful! Wish I had seen yours before I painted mine a year ago, the earthly flesh tones you've given it, really fits perfectly.