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Friday, July 30, 2010

Yes, I do 40K too!

Yes, I have been known to dabble in the dark side of the hobby. 40K and other futuristic games, do have a place in my display cabinet. Here are some of my 40K pieces that I like more than others.
First there is "da Red Trolls" gang buggy or truck. I even made a neat display base for the truck. It has a clear stand that helps show the truck flying through the air, which no doubt helps the gunner aim even better than an orc normally can. The third photo is of the buggy on the base. The gunner and the troll hood ornament are my favorite bits from the vehichle.
Next are a few of my Chaos space Marines. They are of a chapter of my own design. The disciples of Syrinx. Those of you that know your Canadian rock bands will recognize that song name (priests of Syrinx)from a well known band called "Rush", which my best friends "love". They love it so much they won't let me play it within their hearing range.

Here is a picture of the 50 goblin spear unit I have been plugging away on. (one of two units) I was also able to complete another couple of the little fellows last night and got more done on my Nurgle Cavalry. Yes, Noeste, they will get done and pictures will get put up! =)

cheers, Bard

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