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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well. I got more done on models yesterday. Honest!! Wow, you guys don't believe me?? Well... I got a few more goblins close to done. I still haven't taken a picture of them, as I disassembled my lightbox area (in guest room) because, well, we might be having guests. I also got more flesh done on some chaos warriors. There is one with lots of gribbly bits on him that is supposed to be a part of the foresaken unit, but after getting some flesh on him and inadvertantly placing him beside a unit of warriors of Khorne (Ack, Not Nurgle!!) he said quite calmly that this is the unit to which he belonged. And then he giggled. No, a weird giggle that should not have come out of a man. I think he will be the unit champ there. They are all weilding halberds from the GW bits order pack. Although I have yet to test them in a game, I hear that Halberds can potentially be nasty. We shall see.
Anyway, as I wrote my entry, I figured, geezz Bard, you have loads of pictures on file that you haven't shown yet. Why not include one here for everyones ammusment? OK.

These two pretty boys, are neither pretty nor boys. They are Rackham models. And as you can see one is a wolf with Imahumanandstandingup syndrom, while the other is a goblin. Hes also slightly large. Also, no one has tried getting close enough to root through the folds of flesh and see if it is a boy or girl. Ok, you got me. this one COULD be a boy, but certainly HE is not pretty! Like come on! Really? I am not going to argue this one with you. Regardless, or is that irregardless big T? ;) I will have more of my goblins or chaos painted up and I promise to have pictures!


1 comment:

  1. Fantastic Bard!

    The Wolven is superb...is this possibly a miniature you won a competition with?...food for thought...

    The goblin I don't believe I've seen before...
    Incredible greens on the goblin...the many shades of green make his skin really pop...it also gives a good name for goblins and food for that matter!:

    I look forward to seeing more masterpieces!