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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lord Chompy-bits and the Great Mistake

I thought to myself ...self, you should try your hand at casting some bases for your models. That would be awesome, and maybe someone would want to buy some, that would be cooler yet! And so I went looking around the city and found a great store that sold me all the essentials I would need to cast some bases. Everything, but a brain that is. I went and made a cool base, that I had added green stuff metal plates and chains to, and what do I do? I go and F it all up is what. Yup, I realized as soon as I tried to extract my original from a cylinder of...resin. WOW, that was a stupid and costly mistake.So, I have now put together 2 new bases and will use the actual rubber compound to make a mold prior to pouring resin!! The two bases are supposed to be bamboo kept together with leather straps. Hopefully this time it will work. I will use them for my Japanese themed undead Malifaux band, and perhaps my Nightmare warband. The nightmares need some carpet, with tassels on the fringe and maybe the odd toy on said carpet to be appropriate...but that's for later.
The great Mistake!
The bottom, all that's left of the original
The new bamboo

 Lord chompy Bits and the nightmare gang are on my painting table right now. So is a skaven weapon team!

Lord Chompy bits (lots of tiny teeth)
still base coating


  1. Lord Chompy Bits is looking good so far, from what I can tell you did a good job with the green stuff.

  2. Chompy looks cool!

    Where did that miniature came from??

    BTW: http://nesbetminiatures.blogspot.com/2009/12/mould-making-tutorial-part-1.html


  3. Thanks Nesbet! He is a Malifaux model. A new faction just came out called nightmares, and he is the "nasty" under the little boys bed! There is a great story about them in the rule book too!
    Hehe, and thank you for the links =)

  4. Jason Baldwin aka AxheadDecember 6, 2010 at 8:38 AM

    Brains! So maybe the actual cause of the zombie apocalypse was due to base casting problems...

    We all make mistakes so don't worry about it. You just publicize yours for the entire interwebs to get a chuckle (and valuable lesson) out of. All that being said, I am curious to see how your cast bases turn out.

  5. Jason Baldwin aka AxheadDecember 6, 2010 at 8:41 AM

    Oh wait I just had an idea, the bases on your Collette gang are supposed to be a dancing girl stage right? How about adding in some olde timey gas lights like they used to have at the front of stages? You could even use them for some source lighting effects.

  6. Uggg..it was a job for a friend. As much as I want to try my hand at source lighting...I think I will try it on my own models.
    On another note, I added more layers to Chompy and I am starting to think I chose the wrong colours, as even after 3-4 layers it still doesn't POP!
    Ill post him again later to see what you think.

  7. Oh, man. I laughed so hard reading that post that I needed to use my inhaler. Not from any kind of schadenfreude, but more being able to imagine myself doing exactly the same thing.

  8. Hi Mike! For some reason this has become a very popular post... No doubt you are not alone in laughing, as am I when I look back now. I am going to try this again, but am going to wait until spring/summer when I can try it outside. Glad to see you posting!