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Friday, October 8, 2010

Do You Do ... Terrain?

 Why yes. Yes I do terrain indeed. Infact I went to my local gaming store and took some pictures of the terrain that I keep over there on display.
This first piece I painted up for one of my best friends. It's a saloon, and I was inspired by Mud flaps on the big rigs. I think it turned out pretty good. I took my time and tried to have each board look like it was weathered and battered.

 A few months ago, I saw this piece of terrain for sale. I picked it up and at around the same time I got my hands on Forge world weathering powders. I played with them a bit on the car.
 The fingers. I carved these out of insulation styro-foam and got myself a GW package of craters. Those fingers took a long time to get right. I am not super happy with the rock/jade effects i achieved, but I think it looks great on the battlefield.
 I entered this in a terrain competition. It won! My idea was of a ship-wreak turned saloon. (hmmm I am seeing a trend here). The core of the boat is Styro-foam and I laid each balsa wood slat on seperatly, and each is carved up a bit for weathering. I notice that there are a few chips on the plasti-card flag-stones.

 I debated adding a mast. I eventually saw reason, and a competition deadline. I think the lack of mast is acceptable. Afterall whos even noticing a missing mast on a ship sunken into bedrock and turned into a bar?
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