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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plague Monks ~ Customized

Earlier this week I saw someones conversion efforts in making their plague monks unique and interesting. Of all the current skaven models, I dislike the plague monks the most. They are flat, boring models. I had debated on how to paint the models so they would look better than they otherwise would, but compared to the plague furnace monks they just stink. Anyway, rambling aside, this poster had created several fantastic looking monks by using the undead ghoul torso. I had to try this.
I was thinking of simply posting the entire process as a tutorial again, but decided that several posts as works in progress might allow me to post my thoughts on the process in more detail.

I will be the first to tell you that while I love converting models, I am not very proficient using green-stuff. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, understand that I plan on cleaning up the green stuff that is on the models. I want the sculpting material to have a chance to dry and harden, the ghoul torso's are in the shape of a `V` while the cut monks have an obviously flat surface.

I started by taking the plague monk and my handy little saw and cutting the torso off just over the belt. I then plunked a blob of green-stuff onto the legs and then pushed the ghoul top into this. After a few minutes, I took my hobby knife and trimmed a good amount of the excess off, while pushing as much as I could into the gaps on the sides.
One torso missing

One torso later
I have put together eight of the little brutes, mainly to try making the model, but also to spice up my unit. The next part will be to clip the neck off the torso and file a flat surface for attaching the skaven monk head on. Hopefully I won't need a lot of green-stuff to make it look good!

Let me know what you think!

Cheers, Bard


  1. COOL!!
    It's a freaking nice conversion, the look awesome!

    Show them finished please!!

  2. Yes Yes! hehe, I will do the greenstuff clean-up and attach heads tomorrow. I hope to have one or two painted over the weekend.
    Glad you like them though!!

  3. I quite like them. They look very much hunched and plagued. I look forward to seeing them finished and painted.

  4. I agree! The part I am most looking forward to with the models, is the fact that there is ALOT of skin and fur that will stand out amongst the drab robes of the rest of the monks. I just bought another devlan mud wash too, as I forsee another big need.