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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Plague Furnace rope yankers!

 These three characterful little bundles of fun are almost done. Just have Bell-hood's arms and sleeve to do. The upper portion of the rope will be done before the weekend and posted soon. I will also post all my terrain pictures this weekend.

My plague priest colors are the faded cloth color I have on all my rats that I think really pops with a single highlight and a good strong devlan mud wash. The green is a camo green mixed with orkhide foundation paint. As I check the picture out, I notice that the guy on the right has an unfinished horn sticking out of his arm.

"Pull damnit! Pull!"   "I think my arms about to come off!"
I think one of my favorite parts of the model from this side is Bell-hood's little exposed tummy. I wonder how he got so tubby when he obviously has some issues. The purple belt ropes are a throw back to the first plague monks I did many years ago. They had purple and greens as their colors.
picture always shows flaws...hate the amount of blue

After this portion of the model is done, there yet remains 1/2 of the plague furnace to paint metalics and then give the whole thing a devlan mud wash. Eeee I may have to buy another bottle sooner than expected!
Comments and critiques are very welcome! (less shy! more comment!)
cheers, Bard


  1. Nice work on these guys. I really like the shades of green you have on them, I also like how you have done the rope dirty at the bottom. It's a small thing, but a nice touch.

  2. Thank you. The green is GW orkhide mixed with Vallejo olive camo + devlan mud, while the rope is bubonic brown, highlight of bubonic and white then a devlan mud wash.