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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scratch building a Chaos War Shirine

As the title implies, I have had my eye on a chaos war shrine for a long time. Those that have looked back at much earlier posts will see that the "chaos is strong with this one!" Don't get me wrong, I am not going to stop my Skaven,
 as I am on a real kick with them, and I want to keep the ball rolling...however, I need a small change of pace, and this is what the doctor ordered.
The other day I was going through a bag of my old "clix" models and found this giant worm critter. I snapped him off his hex base and primed him up. Last night I applied a bit of paint to him, in the form of camo green watered down so it became a wash. Once that dried I started applying layer after layer of sepia, devlan etc, in varying amounts. The mouth areas are a bit on the bright side, but a wash there will either dull it out like I want or convince me to repaint the area in more subdued colors.

Sadly the plank is white on white...but rest assured I will work on that in the near future. It is made of plasti-card that has been scored with a hobby knife to look like wood. The large symbol of nurgle is balsa wood, and the rest is green stuff. I am debating how this will move across the battlefield though. I had a crazy idea of converting some marauders into leaning positions, so it looks like they are pushing/pulling the cart/warshrine.
Not sure whether to leave the shrine top empty or covered in "stuff". The worm will be beside the two green stuff maggots.
More later, let me know what you think.
cheers, Bard


  1. I like that. I think the shrine should be covered in goo and that sort of stuff, if it is a nurgle shrine with a big gooey worm on it it makes no sense for it to be spotless. -__^

    I like the idea of it being pulled. The marauders work well, otherwise beasts of Nurgle suit. I do like the idea of marauders dragging this beast.

  2. The nurgle shrine got the slime treatment tonight. I added (green stuff) slime trails across the top of the platform, and added greenstuff metal bars enclosing the symbol at the back. Tomorrow I think I will add a few spikes as a side rail and the wheels or under-carridge. I will try to model the marauder pullers like the undead cart pullers, without the "Im dead" look to them =)in the next few nights. Its going slower due to green stuff dry time.
    cheers, B