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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Warshrine and Malifaux

Small update from tonights efforts.
The Warshrine is coming along and I have a bit more work done on the Malifaux warband I am painting for someone. The two greenies have highlights left to do, and the red puppet has had her metals highlighted.

The warshrine has had the under-carridge worked on, with wheels attached. The top of the shrine has had pools of slime and gunk added. I think they will add the three dimensional look I want to the pools of gribbly gunk. Good call Kuffeh! I also intend on adding a nurgling on the top and probably a few of them on the base, so there is no mistake who this shrine is dedicated too.

P.S, my Skaven look like they will be getting reinforcements in January of 2011. I found this list online through BOLS.

Metal Blisters
- Warlord Spinetail
- Ikit Claw
Plastic Boxes
- Hell Pit Abomination
- Warp Lightning Cannon / Plagueclaw Catapult

Battle Magic: Skaven

Skaven Art/heraldry book

- Tretch Craventail
- Plastic weapon teams

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