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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A few more furry friends

Well, a few more Dirty Skaven clanrats are ready to join the growing verminous horde! I decided to make myself a unit filler while I was at it, and I think it turned out really well! It basically removes 4 skaven from the must paint pile! I am especially pleased with the dusty look it has. It also fits the "by the dwarven tunnel" look that the bases all seem to have.

Broken down and deserted

I have six more skaven and one last unit filler to complete before my first 50 skaven unit is completed. The next unit filler has 2 skaven, with one about to cleaver the other.

While I am at it, a big shout out to Kuffeh, for his mention of my skaven painting tutorial on the Trading Post. I have to admit, it’s very cool to see your blog referenced by others!

Seven more Rats! Oops, Missed some noses!

Hope you enjoy my latest offering,

Cheers, Bard

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