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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plague Priest is DONE!

Finished the Plague Priest tonight. Was going to post a couple of pictures of him but the picture download page isn't working AGAIN. (I wonder how many others have this problem!?!) I really like how he turned out. I debated having him on a base, but decided that he will be glued to the plague furnace, and I will use my old lord Skrolk if I want a priest on foot.
In other news I got the first coat of my homemade rust mixture on all the exposed metal areas. Its a combination of white spirits (turpenoid) and the forge-world weathering powders. Its just missing that final spot of orange, so tomorrow I will dilute some fiery orange and pool some on strategically.
The base is also done. I went with my gray/dead grass look. I think that's OK, the part I am most pleased and yet displeased about is the small mini plague rat guy on the base. He looks fine, but after I glued him in place, I realized that he wouldn't be able to be at the front of the base because of the furnace. Its too low. I guess he will have to be looking out the back of the model, and that's what I don't like.
Will try the pictures again tommorow.
p.s. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

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