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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 Eyes

Its starting to take shape. Here is a shot that shows what i worked on last night, as well as what I had time to do tonight after work. The eyes turned out well in my opinion, hope you all think so too. The spots are ... OK. I am unsure if the outer blob should be orange. My first thought was to paint the blobs space wolf grey, then white inner spot. Maybe that small shade of blue would have worked better with the blue of the eyes?
Let me know what you think!


  1. Those eyes look great, very insectoid. As for the spots, you might want to look at some actual insect markings to get some ideas and inspiration. Nice work.

  2. Hey Brad,

    Gotta say, those eyes are amazing. Especially with a model that has so much the same colour, you really made something stand out and that will give the model a lot of character. I would make the spots nice, but not *as* prominent as the eyes, as you'll only take away from the critter rather than add to it!


    Seb - servant of the Horned Rat

  3. The eyes are looking awesome. I like the contrast of the spotting too. Very crisp against the red. Do you already have big plans for which goblins will go on top, or will you figure it out as you go?

  4. Very sweet eyes!
    And as Phil said, look up some pictures of arachnoids or insects, and see if you can find any markings you like. Although purely aesthetic, I think the orange-->white looks very nice with the red and blue (great contrast colour for blue, and is a good link between the red skin and white highlight of the dot).

    Looking forward to the next update! Really cool model!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions and comments guys. The spots have been a hard one to figure out, simply because there are not a lot of spiders with this coloration or a pattern I like. I even looked at some crab markings, and I have to admit, this spider might be part crab.