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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orc Big'uns

Painting has been happening! But to be honest, I am in a building kind of mood. I have been building Orcs. My Orc and Goblin army consists of almost 150 models. 20 of these models were Orcs. I decided that was not the way to go in the new rules, and I want some variety in future games. So I started to build Orcs with shields. I decided part way through the day, that it would be even better if they could be mistaken for Orc Big'uns. Therefore I have been busy converting! (Sorry honey, I Promise I will vacume this mess!)
Let me know what you think!

The unit Boss. (Beastman Axe head)
40k Head and GW sheild
More pictures...

Potential BSB?

A musician...not my favorite

Love this pose

Right arm is awaiting Green stuff

Regular sized orc, standard bearer

Mongolian theme (very Rackham Orc looking)

Home-made weapon



  1. hi there would you be interested in painting up some minis for me