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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grunk the Drunk

Grunk the Drunk...aka "The Slobbery Spell Spitter", has joined the Red Skullz War-band and as his first order of business, he raided the booze stock pile and eventually fell over drunk. Upon awakening and finding several leering boyz standing over him, he instinctivly unleasehed a brutal blast of energy. It wasn't green like the last Red Skullz' shaman, but a firey red, and now the Red Skullz avoid Grunk after he wakes up from his regular binge.

p.s. my attempt at source lighting looks way better in person! Please let me know what you all think of Grunk!


  1. I think he looks great!

    For the inevitable OSL critique, I think a lighter (more orange/yellow) on the gem itself would have given a lot more glowing effect to it. The light source needs to be "hot" and the surrounding areas show the emanated color.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike! So make the Gem itself a lighter color?
    Cheers, B

  3. Great orc, lots of character. I really like the knife, actually.I agree with Mike about the osl. Google Victoria Lamb, she has done some really helpful tutorials, and is the queen of osl imo.