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Monday, March 7, 2011

Red Spider WIP

Not a bunch to look at, but the picture shows that a primered spider sat on my desk, and then hit a paint brush that had some paint in it. Go figure. I started off with the foundation paint red. I then dry brushed some highlights towards the edges of the carapace. Lastly I outlined the edges with a bright red. I then washed the model in Baal Red, and once that was dry, a Sepia wash was applied. I am going to let that dry over night. Tomorrow, when/if I have time in the middle of work assignments and being sick, I am going to add some white spots to the beastie's carapace before giving the whole thing another wash, but this time of a watered down brown.

Once the shell is done, the flesh will get some attention. I plan on painting it in a very pale flesh tone. Hopefully it will look like it hasn't seen the sun in a long time. It will also hopefully contrast nicely against the carapace. I plan on giving it sever highlights that will be mutted by a Ogryn flesh wash. The horns I am undecided on for color. The eyes will be a black/gemstone effect...Thinking the same thing for the front pincers/fangs.
The success of the coats of paint from tonight have led me to decide that my little spiders need some adjusting. Firstly I want them to match this big fella, and secondly the current method I have been using on them is way too time intensive.

But as Seb has asked several time... No I am not giving up on my Skaven. I just want a break to paint this delecious model. I put it alongside my green skin army tonight and pictured the troop of goblins that will go on top and can't get over how good a force they are to look at. This spider is the first model of the entire army that will have received the now popular wash. They look damn awesome, but wow were they a major time drain. The Skaven have come together so much faster than the goblins and orcs. I believe I still have more painted goblins though.

What the hell is the matter with me?? TWO HORDE ARMIES to finish?!?

Bard (p.s. Is it just me or is the followers section not showing up anymore?)

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  1. It weren't you, just google messing it up some minutes. No problem at all ;D

    Your freaking big spider is looking good, BTW

    And 2 horde armis, is just madness! =P